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True Confessions Of A Porn Starlet 2

Pornstars Confess Their Real-Life Dirty Deeds!

Holly Hendrix Punished by Big Dick Boyfriend! Holly just got caught returning her boyfriend's bike to the garage. Her boyfriend bends her over his knees and spanks her little bubble-butt before making her take a ride on his huge dick! For being such a tiny slut, Holly can take big dick deeper than women twice her size - and she cums harder than most, too!

Avi Love Loves To Fuck On The Job! Avi Love would have spent all summer just watching porn and masturbating. But she finally lands a summer job at the movie theatre. She doesn't just sell popcorn and candy - she movie hops on stranger's cocks and gives sloppy blowjobs. Get front row tickets to view this slut's hairy pussy in action!

Whitney Wright Feeds Her Boss Her "Fuck Toys"! Whitney has such a big crush on her boss, but she doesn't have the guts to tell him. Instead, she's been masturbating with all the vegetables in the house, then feeding her pussy juices to him, indirectly. When he catches her in the act, Whitney offers him her fresh pussy, which he fucks until they're both cumming!

Kayden Kross Was A Stripper That Went That Extra Mile! Kayden confesses that when she was a stripper, she approached one customer and got really turned on. Since it was empty that day, she gave him more than a lap dance! They ended up banging and even having anal sex! She still to this day doesn't know the guy's name and never talked to him again.


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